Santa’s Favorite Book:  Artie: The First Artificial Christmas Tree

by Dee Maner (Momma Dee)


Santa says: “It doesn’t matter that you’re different, it only matters what’s in your heart.” ♥︎


Momma Dee

Dee Maner is a motivational speaker who has accepted the difficulties of dyslexia and uses her experiences to inspire youth. Her topic is customized to include her latest writing endeavor,“Artie” The First Artificial Christmas Tree. She uses the process of bringing “Artie” from an idea to a published book to demonstrate how she used the same writing and illustration skills students are learning today. Artie’s struggles provide additional tools that youth can use when battling life’s obstacles and understanding the importance of developing their own special talents. Momma Dee, as she is lovingly known by so many, is an inspiring speaker with a solid background as a successful instructor, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and author.